Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Bolaji has found this blog!

I've mentioned here before that I didn't want Bolaji to read this blog. I told him when I was starting it up so he knows I have a blog but I told him he's not allowed to look for it, or if he finds it, to read it. I'm not sure I was too shocked when last week he finally admitted to me that he did look for the blog, and he read this post. I was not very surprised because I know who I have. The Bolaji that I know is extremely curious about everything. The worst thing I can say to him is, I'll tell you when you get home. He just simply has no patience for that. Now, I'm not saying this is a good thing, but it's just one of those things I've put in my 20%, i.e. no one's perfect right? lol. Thing is I'm actually quite the opposite. You can leave a box with me and tell me not to open it and until you come back to collect it, it will remain unopened. I don't know how I became like that because as a child I was a curious person, but I think I just decided one day that if you go and put your eye into something they didn't call you into, then whatever you see is your own wahala o. So since then I've just lost that extra curiosity.

Back to the story though, so last week Bolaji and I were just talking and he confesses that he found the blog. I was so depressed and down. I wasn't angry I was just depressed. I really wanted this blog to be like an open diary where I can write everything straight from the heart without having to look behind me or having to explain myself to boyfie. Sigh. At first I thought I would close the blog entirely, then I thought I should lock it so only those that register would be able to see it but I think it's important to me to keep it relatively open. So for now, the decision is to keep it open. Bolaji has PROMISED not to stray back to this blog. Let's see. I half don't believe him I think (knowing who I have) but let's play it by ear shall we?

An update from the previous post is: I'm keeping the white wedding! So the destination wedding is back on and I'll keep you guys posted. We went over to my future in-laws house over the weekend once again an attempt to get a final budget commitment from them but like the other times we went there we end up talking and talking and at the end not getting a figure commitment. When we got engaged, Bolaji and I decided that when it comes to in-laws, neither of us will show up alone. So whenever he goes to his parents I HAVE to come with and vice versa. I think this is why they haven't given us a financial commitment so I've asked him to go back to them and ask point blank for a monetary commitment. Bolaji's mom is so preoccupied with our sex lives I think. It is true that the beau and I have decided to be celibate but we don't wear that decision on our sleeves but my new Mom keeps mentioning it and has forbidden us to travel together. Now, THAT for sure I don't think is going to work because we have to travel together for the first planning trip to the destination wedding. I need to let her know and understand somehow that we are both adults and we can VERY MUCH vacation together without sleeping together. I mean we live together. Jesus, please help me and teach me and guide me in which way to go and the things I say with my mouth. Amen.

PS - for those who can't leave comments on my blog :-( I don't know what's wrong with it. I've tried to fix it but it's not working and I don't want to change my layout. Please let me know once it's corrected itself. OR if you become a follower, I think it allows you to post automatically.

Ok, I have so much work on my desk right now, I'm gonna stop blogging at this minute.


Sassy Trends said...


Sassy Trends said...

So he found out?!! hehehehehehe... God don catch you...ntoooooooooo!!!

For those that cant post, you can still retain your layout but can change the comment setting on your setting tab. You can change it to the pop up page comment or better still, after typing your comment in the box, keep pressing the tab button on your keyboard till it display all the security code, then type that in and click on send.

this is for your commentators darl.

C'est La Vie said...

He found out!!!
that's interesting... I just hope this doesn't affect our updates :O
Glad u're keeping the white weddin... keep us posted. All d best

Kemi said...

@Sassy, :-) your post made me smile. I'm not sure if its an entirely bad thing yet as long as he keeps away but we'll see. I think I'll change the comment box to a pop-up one if people still can't post.

@C'est La Vie, yes he did! I'm hoping it doesn't affect the posts but it may affect the mother-in-law type rants so as not to cause me undue explanation LOL. I'm excited I'm keeping the white wedding as well!

yankeenaijababe said...

lol...hope so too. Guys are so nosy sometimes. How u de

yankeenaijababe said...


Lady A said I should say hi to you...she tried commenting but don't know how. She drops her greetings.


Waiting for update, hope the hubby isn't upset now he knows of your blog.

Olufunke said...

He found out!
I wish he didnt...
anyway, its all good

Nice open blog you have here.

Anoda Phase said...

I just knew he would...who wouldn't be curious abt such? lol

I pray God gives u the wisdom to handle ur MIL...all d best with the wedding preps...

Anonymous said...

hahaa... i would have been surprised if he didnt try to find it, especially as yu said he reads blogs as well.. nice one.. lol @ your mu inlaw.. but you guys live together..

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