Monday, September 10, 2012

The Elevens - Meme

Monday, September 10, 2012
A little while a go, the lovely Nenyenwa tagged me in a post.  My apologies it's taken this long to respond.  Things get hectic and sometimes it takes me a while to actually look through all the comments AND act on whatever needs to be acted on.  Either, I say late is better than never! :-)


1) Share one word that describes you

2) What is the one misconception about you that you would like to correct?
That I don't work hard to get what I have.  I am truly blessed and God strengthens me even when I don't deserve it but I really work hard at everything: work, family, marriage, friendships.

3) You are gorgeous, smart and have accomplished a lot but would you change anything about yourself? what would it be?
I think I would like to be more generous in giving.  Giving even to those on the street who ask instead of questioning their motives.

4) Do you have one movie that you can watch over and over again?
Only You.

5) What is your favorite type of movie? drama vs comedy vs action and so on
Action, then romantic comedy or historical drama.

6) Whenever you look in the mirror what do you see? would you change anything about the reflection in the mirror? what would you change?
I see a work in progress - meaning, I appreciate where I'm coming from but I've still got a ways to go!  

7) Name two things you have to do everyday?
Check my work email, have breakfast.

8) Do you have a bad habit that is even annoying to you but you have tried to quit and can't?
I get so excited sometimes I'm not patient enough to wait for whoever's talking to finish talking.  I jump in.  Bad habit!

9) Remember your last fight (physical or verbal) and share what it is about- it is ok if it is personal and you don't want to share.
Definitely verbal - with our driver.  He's gone.

10) Do you talk to yourself while driving (mostly complaining about pedestrians or other drivers)?
I talk to myself A LOT while driving.  Mostly because I don't listen to the radio or CDs, I like to just be myself and my thoughts in the car.

11) When dating the opposite or same sex, what is usually the deal breaker that makes you say I will never see that guy or gal again?  If you are married or in a relationship, think back when you were dating.
Evidence of verbal, emotional abuse.  Physical abuse is one that I can't even conceive of, VERY VERY off the charts.  But I always look out for emotional abuse - anyone that manipulates your feelings or emotions can be very dangerous and unhealthy.

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