Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Honeymoon Post

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
I took some photos on my honeymoon specifically with this blog in mind but I've had said pictures in my computer for the longest time and just didn't get up to posting them. Now that I have a bit more free time on my hands I thought I'd share.

We only had a very short mini-moon and the hubs and I headed down to a beautiful home owned by one of our friends and stayed there for a few days. You will recall that I hightailed it out of here very quickly as we experienced some hurricane weather while there but the pictures do look lovely and I've enjoyed reminiscing about the bliss of those first days of marriage.

The view from the sliding door of our bedroom.

Taken right on our bed!

I took this pic sitting on the toilet seat ha!

Closest neighbor is quite far.

Our honeymoon suite (house) as we head off to our Day at the Spa!

Still taking pics as hubby drives :-)

The surrounding community. Look closely and you'll see about 2 or 3 houses.

Getting ready to hit the jacuzzi...yay!

I had to sit here to wait for the hubs. For some reason I got changed and out much quicker than he did. I couldn't wait to start off the different therapies.

A view of the Spa Resort as we were heading out. I was so sad to go.

That evening when we got back we lit a fire:

and watched the sun set. Bliss!

The next morning we woke up to a beautiful day....but had to head back into town to pack and come back to Lagos.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day!

The end. :-) There's my honeymoon photo album. I tried to record some video but Bolaji jumped into the clip and that was that. Our honeymoon is special to us for obvious and perhaps not so obvious reasons. We will forever cherish our few days secluded at the tip of the earth!


Jaycee said...

Watching the sun set...*sigh* romantic. I wish we could go back to January where we had our own honeymoon as well. I feel like transporting myself back there cos these pictures are just reminding me. Congrats again :)

H said...

Talk about a time away from the world...Nice pick...looks rather romantic...just the two of u eh?

H said...

that was rhetorical

Anonymous said...

Where was your honeymoon.....the pics are absolutely breath-taking!

Myne Whitman said...

These pictures are so romantic, makes me nostalgic for my own honeymoon. I think each couple should have those few days alone, hmmmm...

Gee said...

hahaha bolaji jumped in and dat was it?LOL--what was it??--heheh---nice pics!!

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

amazing!!!....lovely pics...very romantic!

onosetale(damsel) said...

wow beautiful pictures!

Kemi said...

@Jaycee, maybe you can go back for your 1st? that's what the hubby and I are planning on doing.

@H, thanks for commenting! just the two of us ooh, and the baboons rooming about and the crayfish in the sea!

@Anon, i want to tell u trust me, but I can't. but it was beautiful though!

@Myne, the pictures are indeed lovely but remember i said we experienced hurricane weather throughout though it doesn't look like it. I was scared half the time and even call mey mother in the states once to pray with us! It was that bad.

@Gee, ha! nothing naughty oh lol. He jumped in meaning he would have revealed his identity and this blog is largely anonymous ;-)

@BlowingBlessings & onosetale, thanks guys! It was breathtaking and can't wait to go back!

Niki said...

aawww Kemi, how beautiful.

He he he someone has already asked what I wanted to ask and since you won't reveal the exact place, can I just ask was it in Portugal?

Ms.O said...

The pictures are amazing! Congrats again!

downtheaisle said...

***honeymoon at the tip of the earth***

how are u doing?

KabiOsi Edumare said...

awww...i wanna go on an honeymoon too.

The pictures are awesome and tells a great story....
Congrats dear


yankeenaijababe said...

wow, your honeymoon pictures is my perfect dream vacation, girl! am tripping, you had a blast, so happy for you...where is this?

LucidLilith said...

Lovely, just lovely. Where was this?

Kemi said...

thanks everyone :-)

@YNC, Lucid, Niki - i REALLY want to tell but can't...shouldn't. YNC have u thought of eastern europe? or perhaps the south of france? my advice is to stay off the tourist traps!

Mariel Torres said...

where did you guys go? it looks so stunningly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

amazing view and photos

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