Friday, October 14, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine When He's Gone

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm kind of sad and restless. The hubster's gone off to London for about a week for work, leaving Ms. Wifey (that's me) here by my lonesome. One one hand it's nice to be able to just relax and not worrying about house chores, and just to think I can decide to do dishes at 1am if I want, bliss! But overall, I just want to run back to the airport and be in my man's arms where everything is safe, and where love resides. Recently I've found myself taking the piss where Bo is concerned, I just bury my head in his chest and behave like a kid. I don't know where it comes from but I every thing just seems to melt away when I do that and I DO feel like a carefree, happy child.

Bo & I haven't been arguing recently which always makes me weary. I mean I'm very lucky but we do get along incredibly well, for that I'll always be grateful to God. Sometimes we can go for months without any incident at all, just love love and more love. I had the flu a few days ago and was sitting in bed, just sniffling and sneezing. Bo comes up to me and says "show me how to waltz." Of course I'm thinking he's nuts, it's 10pm! He says no really, show me. Now once in a while Bo & I just either dance in our living room or in our bedroom and I've always tried to get him to do the basic waltz steps but he always looks at me as if I have five heads. So I was quite surprised when he asks if I can teach him. I get up anyway, and teach him the basic box step. Before long we're doing a very very rickety waltz, mind you, but still a kind of waltz and we're just chuckling away falling over ourselves. I felt really really happy then. It's past 10 and we're being silly in our bedroom and it's like even my body has forgotten that it's battling the flu. We have many moments like that are so special to me. The picture up there pretty much sums it up for us, dancing in our living room, me with a wide grin, or a sly smile.

Back to no arguments, is it strange for a married couple to practically go months without even a disagreement? We were out to lunch with some friends last weekend and a friend of mine exclaimed "you guys are so much alike!" It made me laugh so much because originally, we're not alike at all, or so it would seem on the surface, but perhaps we do have much more in common in terms of personality and outlook than I realized. Whatever it is, I'm happy to say my streak of re-falling in love with my husband is still alive and well. I'm thoroughly enjoying being married to the man I'm married to. I'm so blessed, when one considers what happens to others out there. Which reminds me, (boy, it seems I have a lot to say today!), I'm noticing something about myself that I can't really explain. Whenever I see a couple that seems more "couple-y" than Bo & I, or just extremely happy and in love, I start getting competitive about it, as if we're the only ones that should be that happy! Isn't it ridiculous? Like I like the reputation Bo & I have amongst our friends that we're the "IT" couple that whenever I observe a couple "threatening" our title, I get jealous. It's funny to me. I should be happy for them, instead I'm thinking, gosh, I hope Bo & I still look this cute... it's just one of those things :-)


LadyNgo said...

LOL, don't look a gift horse in the mouth jo. Even if it is strange not to argue (which i doubt), thank your lucky stars that you guys get along so well. Its def better than the alternative lol.

For what its worth, you guys definitely seem like the "It" couple from where i'm sitting :)

H said...

lol @ the competitive streak.
Just thank God daily for the peaceful, arugument free relationship he's given u and don't question it.

Nenyenwa said...

lol about getting competitive with other couple- I am happy or you too continue to maintain that title or it is a beautiful one to uphold. :)

HoneyDame said... guys inspire me....nothing else to say.

Niki said...

Nice to read from you, you've been quiet for some time.

Reading your posts you do sometimes seem to come across as wanting your readers to view your relationship with your husband as the 'it couple'. I don't doubt that you have a great relationship with your husband however don't you think that by 'trying' hard to be known as an 'it couple' rather thhan just being Kemi and Bolaji, it'll appear forced rather than natural?

Hope your health is alot better? I pray you have many more laughs together:)

Aseni said...

nice read!

Hope you are completely rid of the flu!

Kemi said...

@LadyNgo, very much not looking the gift horse in the mouth. Truly I'm serious we go quite a while without arguing. But I'm not getting carried away, just this morning we had some, shall we say minor disagreements. So now I'm feeling better :-)

@H, i'm eternally thankful & grateful. I'm blessed, no two ways about it.

@Nenyenwa, thanks.

@HoneyDame, thanks, I pray that God continues to strengthen us but also more, give you the desires of your heart.

@Niki, thanks. I'm fairly confident that we are exactly the same in public and in private. in fact, I daresay we're even more "cringe-worthy" in private. I think what I really want is that Bo and I maintain our togetherness throughout our lives, I don't want to get lax about it. I want our love to always always be evident to those around us and I pray God continues to strengthen us in that regard.

@Aseni, thanks. I feel better now.

P.E.T. Projects said...

I'm not sure there's anything wrong with that, its just you being so conscious of how happy you want to be with your husband and being alert enough to put things in check and be aware of whats going on around you!

Anonymous said...

I love the connection you guys share, plus not arguing isn't strange

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