Monday, July 13, 2009

Keeping Beyonce Outta The Bedroom

Monday, July 13, 2009
I'm sure you've noticed a little lull in posting but I promise its for a great cause! Bolaji and I are back together!!! - reunited and it feels so goooood. Lol. That's me singing and I'm sure you all don't want to hear the live version.

So my project winded up and finished up last week. Well the part of the project that needs me anyway. I was so excited and could barely contain my excitement at finally getting to see my boo. The last few days in Europe was just a blur to me really. This weekend I said sayonara to the beautiful and organized Europe and Hola to Lagos. The day I got in it rained ALL day and I've only seen the daylight perhaps once for about 2 hours. That's Lagos for you. I was hoping I was going to feel some sort of affinity for this chaotic city bt I'm scaring myself by admitting that I didn't miss it at all. I missed my boo and my friends but not Lagos itself. Ah well.

So Bolaji and I have just been loving it up my dears! It feels so good to be in my baby's arms again finally. We had a very busy weekend (as always) but there was tons and tons of hand holding and stolen kisses. I was even quite surprised when I came out of Murtala Muhammed and Bolaji was there waiting for me in the rain with a rose! Isn't he so sweet? I was very pleasantly surprised as I'm always teasing him that he's not romantic at all, but I thought any man that would wait in the rain in Nigeria with a rose for his fiancee has redeemed himself small, lol. I love my babe.

I have to say though that we've already had our first tiff since I've been back! So I've mentioned on this site that I love beyonce and her music very much. Right now I really like the Sweet Dreams song just cuz it's got a different edgy sound that I think is the future of R&B. Anyway so we're walking through Palms Shopping Centre and talking about the Nigerian economy (yea I know we're nerds right?) And in the middle of that the Beyonce song comes up. Immediately I just start singing along so Bolaji knowing not many things can compete with my attention at times like this stops talking. I was just singing the song sha. Like halfway through it he says "so you're not going to talk until it's finished" and I'm like "hmm mm no" and continued singing. Towards the end of the song he says "Kemi finish what you were saying before now" so I shake my head but go in to hug him and he pushes away. I could tell he was upset but I didn't understand it. But I was so tired that day that even after the song finished - just kept quiet. I didn't want to fight and I didn't want an argument. The thing is though, Bolaji and I have promised to each other never to give each other the silent treatment so I knew one of us was going to have to talk sooner or later, but I was just too tired that evening. We bought what we came to buy in silence and walked to the car without talking to each other. As I was walking I started to think about my babe who brought me a rose at the airport, and then that same night whispered in my ear "I pray God grants me the grace to be the best husband to you that anyone can be, to show yo that my love for you is timeless and limitless". I just couldn't keep silent anymore so I said "Bolaji, what happened there? I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you feel like I wasn't listening to you or our conversation wasn't important". From there we just started talking. He apologized, I apologized and we laughed about it. I love moments like this. I'm very proud of our resolve to talk things through with respect. I'm never afraid of arguments or disagreements I'm only concerned how they are resolved. I pray we remain as level-headed throughout this or glorious journey.

Please forgive any typos I just typed this whole thing on my Blackberry.


RocNaija said...

Amazing the kind of things that end up annoying a person..

Good thing you two handled it maturedly..

Anonymous said...

*sigh*.... timeless and limitlesss.... *sigh*

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