Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sleeping Beauties

Saturday, January 23, 2010
So my beau is lying right next to me right's 5:30pm and he's taking a little (ok, a rather long power nap). There's so much to do during the couple of weeks leading up to the traditional that weekends are just so jam-packed these days. So we rush out of the house this morning without breakfast to go and run a few errands. Maybe here I should digress and mention that I don't think any bride and groom at this stage of the game should expect to have any cash on them! Well, unless at least either of both parents are just Madam & Chief Moneybags of Lagos. Ours are not unfortunately. Also Bolaji & I are doing a bit out of the ordinary for must Nigerian couples getting married in Nigeria. We're paying entirely for the white wedding (destination might I add) and we are paying 1/3rd of the engagement ceremony as well. Needless to say right now in our lives there are a few things that need our attention and funds that have just been left undone. For example, our plumbing needs, and we need to buy a new car. To be honest we had planned to buy a new car right around this time since we had thought we were going to be getting married January 2011. Alas, how wrong we were and the parents insisted on NOT a long engagement. That's another thing to watch out during this process. Nigerian parents are not very happy about long engagements.

So Bolaji & I left this morning in our non-airconditioned car so determined to run all of our million errands we still had left to run: deliver aso-ebi, pick up aso-oke from weavers in ebutte metta, deliver aso-oke to tailors in surulere, buy engagement cake, deliver a few more aso-ebi's in lekki & dolphin. By the time we were on our way back to Lekki, it was around 3pm in the middle of the Lagos heat, the traffic was unbelievable, I was starting to go delirious in our un-airconditioned car and Bolaji and I hadn't even spoken a word to each other in easily an hour. As I peered into the bumper to bumper traffic on ozumba mbadiwe, I just said to my beau, "let's go home". He didn't really hesitate either. His shirt was drowned in sweat by this time. Just unpleasant. So we just turned around and headed back home. We had left the ACs on so the house was just so cool. I washed my hands and my face and we just both fell into bed.

One thing about Bo, it takes him all of 5 seconds flat, no exaggerations here, to fall into sleep. And I don't mean little sleep, I mean deep, (slight) snoring sleep! I'm so jealous. But here I am, not really able to sleep, trying to edit the rsvp function for my online wedding website. Just another day on the countdown to being Mrs. Beau!


Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

Our God is an awesome God....Lol dis are memories now...Congrats again love...

Jayden said...

I'm not married or close to being married but I really love your website. Please don't delete it, I read it religiously. I love you and Bolaji's story. I wish you all the best in your upcoming union!

Anonymous said...

pele, eku ise

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