Sunday, September 26, 2010

Enjoy This Moment

Sunday, September 26, 2010
I usually get moments of bursts of spiritual growth. When it happens I tend to be highly aware that I need to constantly pay attention and need to constantly seek God every moment. I'm not sure why this happens to me but it does. I've been experiencing this burst these last few weeks/months.

This particular spurt I think comes from my new sense of orientation, my new world as it may be. I'm after all now a wife. Perhaps soon to be a mother. Most importantly I'm the head of a new household of which I bear responsibility for. There's something in the Bible about a wise woman building up her home but a foolish one tearing it down. I'm aware of the weight of this. I'm trying to build my home, this is a magnificent task when one thinks about it. Finally I can set about the business of life with the love of my partner, this love which truly is the mirror for me to view myself (I of course agree with From Now Till I Do here). I read once a statement from Selwyn Hughes, whom I greatly admire, that marriage is the institution God put in place for us to finally begin to understand His love for us, to finally understand what it means to say "like Christ loved the Church". I get this now. I think it is from this new realization that this growth is spewing forth.

To shorten this post a little, I've been drawn to meditation lately. Not in the strange sense but after my daily exercise routine I just feel a great need to sit down, stretch, and just be still. There a saying in this book I'm reading that resonates with me. It says prayer is our time of communicating with God, talking to him, but meditation is a time to listen. I chose a relaxation method then I'm just quiet...and still. I used to meditate a lot in college but I stopped years ago. The first time I pick it up again a few weeks ago, I sit and just sing my Anglican hymns I can remember in my head. And then I start praying, you know the normal prayers - thanksgiving, acknowledgment and repentence, asking asking asking, prayer for friends & family, thanksgiving, end. I think to myself instead of asking asking asking, I should give too. Give to my Church, give to my neighbours, to strangers, to everyone, just give of myself, of my resources, of my time. I'm going to start adding, God grant me the grace to give of myself freely.

My post today though is that we're always worrying about tomorrow, or about the past. To relate this to Bo & I and our relationship, or our journey, we're always thinking do we have enough to meet our desires to travel, to have children soon, to live comfortably? Or perhaps looking in the past - maybe we should have done things differently, etc. But part of being still, is enjoying the moment, the NOW. Wherever we are in life, we should enjoy it, experience it FULLY. I think as newlyweds, this is very difficult as I think part of our job description is to worry and get caught up in planning for our families, our futures. This I understand, but perhaps for now, for right NOW, we are exactly where God wants us to be, doing what exactly He has prepared for us at this moment. And this is okay. Smell the roses. Yes, there are thorns by the side, but LOOK, you got ROSES sister!


Blessing said...

Lovely post Kemi!!!

Yes listening is indeed apart of communicating with God and who else to listen to then the one who is all seeing and all knowing?

Happy for you! May God continue to give you the wisdom to build up your home in the way that he's called you to.

Rita said...

You inspire me...

DarLyn said...

Well said Kemi, very well said.

Take time to listen and while there are thorns on the roses, still they are roses and sure they smell beautifully :)

Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for sharing this, it touched something in me. God's grace in your journey too.

Mrs E {From Now Till I Do} said...

Hear hear! This is the enormous amount of pressure to be constantly thinking of the 'next thing'. But sometimes the right thing to do is to soak in the 'here and now' and thank God for all he has done. From the sounds of things, you're building your homely nicely. Bo is blessed!

Jaycee said...

We must enjoy every second, every minute, and every hour...for once they pass, we cannot recollect them anymore.

Meditation is definitely a time for listening to the Holy Spirit. This has been a resounding message in my week. Cheers to hearing God's voice in your daily life.

Abimbola said...

I live in Melbourne, Australia but "stumbled" on this post.I find it very Inspiring, deeply inspiring and in clear language too.Impressive! God bless you and your husband.

H said...

Oooh...I like this one...
the part where u say, "God grant me the grace to give of myself freely." really hit home.
I'm working on that and I'd have to say...besides the fact that we attempt to do things within our own strength...this is one that for me slaps me in the face every time as being difficult.
I definitely #cosign with u on adding the exact phrase to my prayers...

Lily Johnson said...

I wish i was just as simple as finding true love and living happily ever after but it is not. That is why we need to seek God's face always. He will strengthen you and provide all you need.
Just joined you. Nice blog!

Kemi said...

@Blessing, Amen!

@Rita - Wow. That means a lot, thanks.

@DarLyn - They sure do. Sometimes the oldest sayings are the best sayings.

@Myne - I'm glad it did. Thanks!

@Chichi - I can say the same for you. Stay Blessed.

@JayCee - cheers to you! Thanks for reading.

@Abimbola - That's my middle name! How's Melbourne? I'm glad you found it inspiring and thanks for "stumbling" by!

@H - It's a work in progress for me too to remind myself to give. We certainly need God's help so I ask!

@Lily - thanks for joining and thanks for the compliment and thanks for the prayers!

Anonymous said...

Kemi, Guess what ? I have just "stumbled" by again today, this page was in my browsing history and I checked-in .Hope you and your Husband are doing well ? Melbourne is gr8. God is good.

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