Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I tried to write....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I tried to write about you

About our love, our friendship

About our journey, about our laughs

And fears, and anxieties

Of epic and not so epic battles

Of the first ebb and flow

Then thousand little ebbs and flows

I tried to write about me

Learning to love

Learning to trust

Speaking up boldly, listening closely,

Apologizing coyly

Figuring out who I am in the midst of change

I tried to write about us

Talking and laughing

Crying and Sighing

Holding on to each other as storms rage

Growing into God’s love as we age

Seating back, making plans

I tried to write about us

But the words weren’t clear enough

The time wasn’t slow enough

The paper wasn’t long enough

My heart wasn’t still enough

So everyday, I write a little more.


HoneyDame said...

And may you continue to have more and more to write.

Cor d'Harmonie said...

lol AMEN OHHHHHHH we are waiting lol

Ginger said...

I'll buy you more reams of paper, keep writing :)

downtheaisle said...

lol@ d comments..we are waiting.

Kemi said...

lol. thanks guys.

Blessing said...


hernia patch lawsuit said...

Seems that you are hanging on to something. i believe that when a writer write something, it is based om his personal emotions.

Contessa2007 said...

Inspirational...you really struck a chord!

Anonymous said...

Awsome...keep it up

Myne Whitman said...

Been a while and I came to say Hi. I enjoyed the poetry too.

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Pancakes said...

What a great poem!

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