Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holidays 2013

Thursday, November 29, 2012
Bo & I love holidays.

We have quite different holiday "cultures" shall we say, but one thing is for certain, we do love to travel to new places.  Bo is much more of a play it safe person and I'm more of a let's go all out person.  Where we both come together is that we both appreciate luxury and fine things.  Though Bo likes to play it safe his tastes are probably more lavish than mine and if not for his eyes always being on the bank account, he would definitely plan more luxurious getaways than I would.  As it now, we generally decided were we want to go together, I end up planning the type of trip - what we do and how lush we get - we argue and stress out about the budget, then we usually end up somewhere in the middle and have a fantastic holiday!

This year we went to several places in Europe this was one of the places on the itinerary:

I can't really remember where else we went during this year and I'm hoping we went on vacation earlier too or that would be depressing :-)  Either way, I love our vacations and cherish them as it's one of the only times Bo & I give each other our undivided attention, for days on end.  What a luxury!  

I'm already thinking about vacations we could take for next year, hopefully we can get our financials in order to be able to take a few of these.  We may take a few little ones, dotted around Africa, or we may just go to a perhaps two major ones.  All God willing of course.  I pray things are even bigger and better than I can imagine.  So where do I want to go?

First up we have this beautiful's in Africa somewhere *wink

And this place, which is also in Africa but a different country:

That last picture is so gorgeous.  I want to go there so badly.  I wish someone would have the foresight to build something like that here in Nigeria, but even then, it would probably take much more effort to get there than to go to this country.  Still it's on my list.  

So is here....somewhere in Europe:

I'm sort of surprised that all my dream vacation spots are by the water or close to the water.  I guess you can take the coastal girl from the coast but you can't take coast of out the girl....wait, does that make sense? Lol.  I've never lived in a landlocked city and I guess that shows.  

Anyone dreaming of any fabulous vacation spots?  Do share!


Aseni said...

I want to go to seychelles so bad! Or the Maldives...and i think one of the pics are from those places...Oh how i wish.

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to Dubai and Kenya!
I would love to go to places by the water as well, sounds like solitude to me.

isha said...

I thought I recognized a photo from the maldives too. Vacations are always a welcome development. Just the opportunity to get out of Lagos and find some real oxygen and starry skies. *Sigh*

Amy said...

These photos look so exotic. I want to go on an exotic vacation so bad! For now the Caribbean is all we can afford but one day we will be going on holiday to far off tropical destinations!

lamikayty said...

Thanks to Google Images...I know where you want to go! Amazing locations too!

Play angry Birds said...

Beautiful ..Place ..for visit...

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