Saturday, May 8, 2010

MoH Love

Saturday, May 8, 2010
I'm missing one of my closest friends who served as my Maid of Honor so bad. Let me explain. Martha and I went to the same college and met pretty much the first week of school in our freshman year. We became quite close and moved in together in our second year. She's one of my dearest friends and I find that I can share anything with her without her being judgmental or funny. Also I don't have to explain things to her, she just gets it. I hadn't seen her for FIVE years before my wedding and she lives so far away. It was so nice to see her at the wedding and every morning, I would wake up and sneak off to her room and she and I would just gist and gossip about all kinds of stuff. I really missed her. She was wonderful throughout the whole wedding weekend. Absolutely wonderful and took care of so many things before I even had to ask. Even when she was dead tired, she'd still walk the length of the mall with me without getting cross, or funny, or even speaking one negative word. She'd just trudge along and that's why I love her. Bolaji was meeting her face to face for the first time and even though he tends to be really honest about my friends, I asked him what he thought of her and he said "one word? Loyal". That's my MoH. On my wedding day itself, she was so fabulous. Even though I had two bridesmaids (including the MoH), she just went out of her way to make sure that everything worked. She tightened and pulled me into my dress, went out to make sure all my candles were in the venue, took out all the ceremony booklet and placed them on the chairs, and still had time to come back and carry my veil and flower wherever it needed to be carried.

I say this because I found that when you get engaged and are planning to move into the marriage phase of life a funny thing happens. It's not just that one relationship that's trying to find it's way but ALL the relationships in your life get juggled. In the process you loose some. Friends, sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, aunties, cousins, someone or some people will disappoint you greatly, some will decide you're no longer who you were (more like who they want you to be). Things just change. Because of this, I now really and truly value those relationships in my life that have grown with me. I miss my dear friend because there are so many things that I'd like to just sit and chat about but she's one of the few people who understands that priorities in my life may have changed but I'm still me. I can call her and tell her about my anxieties of cooking for my in-laws when the come visiting and she'll listen to me without rolling her eyes and looking bored as hell lol.


How are you guys doing?

Few things I'm excited about in blogword:
I'm excited about The Happy Nappy Bride's upcoming wedding
I'm excited that ChiChi's wedding plans have now kicked in to full gear. I remember praying for her.
I'm excited about how cute Amy and her fiance are and looking forward to their recaps.


NakedSha said...

Thankful for loyal friends.

Jaycee said...

This almost brought tears to my eyes cos I can relate...LOL. I didn't cry sha. I'm thankful for those ones who stick closer than a brother, even after a wedding.

Lovely post.

Amy said...

Awww thanks for the compliment! I am glad you have a good friend who stood by your side on your wedding day because good and loyal friends are hard to come by. You are truly blessed!

Anonymous said...

First time here and I'mloving it, loving it!

Kemi do you have an email or any way that I can contact you as I would like to ask you something and I'm kinda shy about asking here?

Chichi {From Now Till I Do} said...

Loyal friends are the best! Your MOH sounds like my kinda girl.

Friends are like hairdressers, once you find a good one - hold onto them tight lol!

Thanks for the shout out and your prayers! Much appreciated!

Miss Natural said...

its true...loyal friends are amazing, hehe...i wud know since i'm one of them. lol but seriously thank God for her and im sure she'd say the same thing too. Has the initial wedding euphoria died down or some of its still there?

Anonymous said...

thank God for good MoH... i have already started instilling expectations in who would most likely to be mine so she can let me know wayyy in advance if she is up for the task or not!

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