Friday, December 3, 2010

Coco Chanel & Other Musings

Friday, December 3, 2010
The hubster and I are getting a dog! We're getting one that looks almost exactly like this one:

It's a pure breed Lhasa Apso. We actually decided we wanted a pet a while ago. I grew up with cats and dogs in the house (names: Pepa, Roger, Randy, Kitty, Shadow). Of course we also raised rabbits in our house but I digress. When I was living on my own while in college I also had a cat, unfortunately I had to give the cat away to a friend as a result of excessive travelling once I joined the working world. Bo on the other hand had never grown up with pets and has never owned one. We were visiting a friend who's dog just gave birth to a litter of puppies and for some strange reason, Bo just fell in love with the dogs and became determined to get one of them. This was actually shocking because we really had just been considering cats. I love cats, and I love them especially because they are very low maintenance and very apartment friendly. No need to take them for walks for example, and they are almost naturally housetrained. Just when we were about to get one, Bolaji vetoed this option saying that he didn't want the cat to damage our mosquito netting (flimsy excuse) and also that we knew nothing about the vet costs, etc. Fine. All of a sudden now he REALLY wants a dog. What gives? Men can be really funny sometimes I think. Dogs are much more difficult to maintain!

After begging, I agreed. So we are getting a dog. Personally, I prefer breeds like labradors, retrievers, or bulldogs. But I guess this will do. I'm sure this has something to do with nesting on both our parts, but that's okay I think. Last night at date night (yes, we still faithfully do date night once a week!) we were trying to come up with names for our dog and so far we have the following:

  1. Coco (as in Coco Chanel)
  2. Che (as in Che Guevara)
  3. Bead
  4. Bobbie
  5. Xin (pronounced Chin)
There are listed in no particular order but let me tell you only one name out of the list is mine and that is Coco. The others are from my dear husband. I mean Che Guevara? Who names their dogs that? Lol. I've said I would have to find a cute name to call him if Bo insists on Che. Xin is because Lhasa's are originally from Tibet and again my dear husband thinks giving the poor dog a Chinese name is a good way to honor that. I had to tell him over and over again that Tibetans don't tend to have Chinese names! This my guy. :-)

So we had a barrel of laughs about this and haven't come to a conclusion yet. At some point I yelled out "I'm not naming my child Xin..." to which Bo replied, "It's not a child Kemi". I think I have babies on the brain ha! After that an uncomfortable silence. Any thoughts or ideas on a name for an all white male Lhasa?


Beautiful said...

Shaggy? loooool!

Nike' said...

personally I can't stand animals but I do hear they make good practise for kids but still...

Coco is nice but very feminine, how about Choco or Chocolate?

Faith said...

oooh that breed is so cute!

you could always wait to see what the dog's personality is because you name it! i think that makes it easier too! :)

Kemi said...

Hi Beautiful! Shaggy? ehrm, ehrm, lol.

@Nike, I've had pets before and I'm not sure it's practice. More like what it's like owning something together other than our cars!

@Faith, sometimes I think it's cute but I don't tend to like cute dogs. I think waiting is a great idea. Btw, I was going to comment on your blog but I think got a call from my boss and that was that. I'm going now. :-)

Blessing said...

I like Coco...ur hubby's choices are ummmm... diff to say the

Having a pet around should be fun and prepare you for babies *clears throat* well kinda sorts ;-)

#1 fan said...

how about "blue" a la disney's "blue's clues"


chief? from the fox and the hound

how about dog? borrowed from breakfast at tiffany's (audrey hepburn housed a nameless cat, so she called it "cat" hehe

jip? from dr do little??

milo? from the mask?

sam? i am legend :D

or the bestest pup.... TOTO (wizard of oz)

i'll say blue cos that was d cutest pup :d or buddy or DOG :D
goodluck picking one out!

Fluffycutething said...

so did u get it yet and whats it called?

Anonymous said...

awwwwww i love dogs.. grew up with dogs and parrots...

i'm sure you have a name now.. i guess i will find out in subsequent blogs.

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