Saturday, December 4, 2010


Saturday, December 4, 2010
Wow. I just put on my wedding dress again!

This is how it happened: I'm doing research for one of my client's at work whose work involves weddings. I suddenly felt like looking for the copies of the program to our wedding that I thought was in the bag in which my wedding dress is kept. I opened up the bag and next thing I know I take out the veil and head to the mirror in the bedroom. Bolaji's best friend's wife (they just recently got married) told me she still occasionally prances around in her veil. At the time I gave her a nutty look. That's just so nutty right? So why am I now prancing around the apartment in my veil?

Next thing I know, I take out the dress and put it on. There's a wide smile on my face and I remember how magical that day felt and how magical the wedding was. After turning every which side in front of the mirror I decide I better take it off. In my mind I'm thinking to myself, I'm NEVER giving this dress away (I've always in the back of my mind liked the idea of gifting the dress to another special bride). But now? No way!

Bolaji is away (obviously). He's travelled to the UK for a training course for work and won't be back for a week. Is it this loneliness that's making me behave nutty-like?

I can't believe I just tried on my dress and pranced around my flat. We must NEVER tell Bo about this. Lol. (Of course I will have to - full disclosure, #1 in the BoKem relationship rulebook!). He's going to be freaked out. Lol.

I'm still shocked and a little embarrassed myself.


H said...

lool...that's funny but Qt

Faith said...

hahaha, i have yet to do that ... but i think it is because i know it will not fit ... can't do that to myself. when i get back to my wedding weight you best believe i will be prancing around! haha. :)

Kemi said...

@H, lol, funny but a little kooky methinks. I'm utterly embarrased!

@Faith, please blog about it when you prance. with pictures. HA! Maybe I should actually schedule a trash the dress session...(another idea I never really understood)

Blessing said...

lol...aww how cute!

*thumbs up* to full disclosure...that's even cuter!!!

Sugabelly said...

Haha!! Good you're enjoying being married.

Amy said...

so cute. just goes to show that you are a very happy newlywed!

Anonymous said...

lol! You shouldn't be embarrassed, there's nothing wrong in reliving that blissful moment

Anonymous said...

hahahaha love it!!!!

once again lol @ giving the dress to a special friend... i say your daughter ;) obviously when you have one in the future etc etc

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