Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Tuesday, December 7, 2010
I was making my regular blog rounds this morning (instead of working) and I came across Dawn's post at The Happy Nappy Bride. Basically the post is about the things that she loves that her husband does, not because she can't do them but she'd just rather not and enjoys it when the hubby does them. She's labeled these things her "husband-y" list. Great idea! I have quite a few of those things to that I can classify as husband-y, so I've adopted her idea (and picture, thanks Dawn!) and created my own list. Some are similar but most are not - I can only WISH Bolaji would help set up the christmas tree, he's a regular grinch and I'm still working on converting him. :-)

Kemi's 8 Things That are Husbandy

  • Laundry. Yep. You read right. Bolaji is a laundry freak. I don't know why but he's got laundry on his mind pretty much at any time. The first thing he thinks about when he walks in the door is if there's electricity, and whether the clothes in the washer need to be dried or put through the wash spin. He's also very particular about how much softener goes on vis a vis detergent. Yes. It's weird. But hey, so long as I don't have to add that chore to my list, I'm happy!
  • Arranging Kitchen Cabinets. Especially the spice cupboard. I have an unhealthy obsession with spices. I amass them and then shove them in the cupboard. It's inevitable that at some point the Thai 7-spice bottle after being used just once and shoved to the back of the cabinet will expire. This is Bo's job, clear out the spice cabinet. It usually starts with me complaining about how I can't find my lemongrass and he coming to the rescue and then rolling his eyes and then re-arranging the whole cabinet. This happens with the tupperware cabinet too.
  • Cockroach Killer. I hate cockroaches. I just don't like them and they make my skin crawl. I also hate weevils, weevils give me goosebumps. There's also this weird flying insect thingy that gathers around the fluorescent light (admittedly these ones are seasonal). I remember when we first moved in together I made the rookie mistake of keeping our bag of beans in the cabinet. WRONG MOVE. I went in and the entire bag was filled with weevils...I ran screaming into the bedroom and dear hubby had to dispose of it. This is usually my reaction to all three of the insects listed lol.
  • Driving. I can drive and drive myself to work everyday. But whenever we're going somewhere together, I just let the hubby drive. Sometimes I feel ridiculous say if we're just going down the street, but I just like sitting back and letting him take care of it.
  • Lightbulb Changer. For some reason I almost never notice when a lightbulb goes out, unless it does as I'm flicking the switch. Even then, I almost never remember when I'm going shopping to buy a lightbulb. Bolaji ALWAYS remembers such things and then when we get home promptly changes all the bulbs that need to be changed.
  • In Charge of Washing Dishes. Since I usually do most of the cooking, Bo usually does the washing up. Our agreement is that whoever cooks does not do the washing up. At first this was a bit touch and go but now we've settled so nicely into it. Again, here Bo can go a little crazy, he likes the kitchen sterile-y spic and span. Yesterday I went to bed at 11pm and at 12am, I woke up and had to drag him away from the kitchen. When I say sterile, I mean sterile. Like household magazine sterile. Yes. I know I'm very lucky he does this.
  • Travel Marshall. As everyone figures by now, Bo is more organized than I am. Nowhere is this more evident than when we're traveling. Generally, if we're traveling together all I do is pack my bags. Everything else is already sorted. This was annoying at first as I used to tell him "I'm a grown woman I can keep my own boarding pass thank you" but now, I just settle in and enjoy not having to worry about anything.
  • All Around Cheerleader. The best thing about Bolaji is that he's my number one cheerleader. When I'm down, he gets me up, when I don't feel pretty he holds my head in his hands and tells me I'm beautiful, when I'm tired and work has kicked my butt and I don't think I can, he reminds me that I can do much more than I think I can.
Bonus: We have this ritual in our home. Every morning Bo wakes up first then, showers, then coming out of the shower, jumps on the bed and plants what we call "thousand kisses" all over my face. And THIS is how I wake up, every weekday morning. I love it! So he's also my Alarm Clock!


Good Naija Girl said...

This list, especially the bonus makes me excited to discover what my (future) hubby will do to make my life that much more pleasant! You have the best alarm and wakeup call ever!

Not that we needed any more reason to love Bolaji but you've provided a few more.

I think you mean weevils instead of weasels...I've never seen a weevil but I think they are like beetles? My future husband must be comfortable killing bugs too...I cannot deal with them...I really can't. I'm 31 and I don't see this changing!

#2 fan said...

heehee hee... weevils not weasels...
i just pictured "i am weasel" in your beans... lol

aww Bolaji is your #1 fan, so u guess i can change my name.:( :d

HoneyDame said...

AWWWWWW....***I want me some...erm....(not your husband ma'am)....but some TLCy husband!**wishing**

Faith said...

i love this post!!! makes me really happy to read ... i had a smile on my face the whole time!

Kemi said...

@GoodNaija Girl, oh I meant weevils of course! Can't believe I wrote weasels and didn't think twice about it. Shows u how much I hate them, I hate even thinking about them! I have to say I do appreciate my wake up call. I'm lucky :-)

@#1/2fan, it was so disgusting believe me, the bean weevils. Yuck. aww, you don't have to change your name :-) Thanks.

@HoneyDame, you know I always keep it real. Bo is TLC-y but he's not into birthdays or celebrating anniversaries or things like that. He doesn't really do Christmas tree and all of that either. I have to take the good with the...not so good lol.

@Faith, thanks. I'm sure you have a few husband-y things too. You guys are too cute!

HomeMade Entertainment said...

kemi i love love everything bout your blog,its really nice and yeah i connect to the things ur husband does...love u

isha said...

I love the bonus! I hope he'll still be able to jump on the bed when y'all are 60!

Anonymous said...

Girl, I tried having him in charge of the dishes...epic FAIL!! He's perfectly fine letting them stack up, so we've identified other things for him to do to help around the house.

Mwajim Al said...

U make me want to get married ooo and it is def. not my time lol - I'm too young hehe. You show a positive side of marriage - that's rare these days, so thanks for re-fuelling my disney dream!

Blessing said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww at him being your alarm clock!!!! Chai, marriage is sweet oooooo

Amy said...

Thousand Kisses. That is so sweet! You are truly blessed with such a romantic hubby!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

He sounds awesome!

Anoda Phase said...

awww...how sweet...especially the bonus.

Kemi said...

@HomeMade thanks for your kind comments. hope you keep coming back!

@isha, I hope so too! but most of all I hope he would still want to and I would still giggle through it all like we do now.

@Dawn, believe me, I KNOW i'm lucky. He's a neat freak!

@Mwajim, thanks for your comment. I'm very happy that you see a positive image of marriage in my blog. Too many scary marriage stories out there but great partnerships DO happen and I'm determined mine will be a great love story!

@Blessing, too sweet oh! ;-)

@Amy, I know. He's cut from a special cloth.

@Tanya, thanks!

@Anoda Phase, everyone seems to love the bonus. I just put it in last minute, i knew it was sweet but never thought twice about it. Now I appreciate it more :-)

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