Sunday, July 17, 2011

Special Guest on the Request Line

Sunday, July 17, 2011
I've been constantly pestering Bo during the last week to write a guest post. His response is that he doesn't know what to write or he says he's still thinking about it. So this evening I tried to put a bit more pressure by saying that I've already told my blog friends he was going to blog and therefore quite a few people are already asking for his blog post. Let me relay to you all that he was shocked and then he says doesn't want to let anyone down. He's asked me to open to floor to everyone; he wants to know:

What do you guys want me to blog about?

I asked if he'd rather want me to ask for questions so that he could answer questions and his response was:

Please ask what they think I should blog about and they can also ask questions but [emphasis mine] I won't be obligated to answer them oh.

So there you have it. Bo wants to know what you would like him to blog about as well as if you have any questions feel free to ask but he doesn't want to promise to answer.

This man of mine!


Cor d'Harmonie said...

LOL I think we just want a guy's pov with dating, marriage, settling down, kids, when you think you found the one, when you doubt, etc. So he should find a way to sum the last two years and/or more into one post, lol.

Or you could ask him questions and let him answer. But you also have to bring it with the questioning lol. Don't be doing wifey and let him go easy oh lol.

Adenike said...

My question is does Bolaji have an accent? (I dunno why but I've always been curious as you (Kemi) come across as well cultured and you mentioned you have lived outside Nigeria for most of your life, Bolaji on the other hand hasn't, so do you encounter any problems culture wise?

Okay, so what I would like you (Bolaji) to blog about is your perspective on marriage as a man. How its changed you as a person and whether you feel being married has changed your relationships with other people and vice versa as women often experience this problem.

P.E.T. Projects said...

I'ld like to read a blog post about the many misconceptions he had about women and marriage prior to settling down and what the realities are. said...

I know you mentioned that there was a point in time when Bo didn't want to get married (please correct me if I'm wrong). I would just like to know what changed his mind. Was it falling in love with and growing to love you? Or did his ideas of marriage change as he grew older?


jasmine said...

1. What's his favorite thing about you and about being married?
2. I know you once mentioned you were celibate before marriage. How did he handle it as a man(they're often seen as sex-crazed)? Does he think it enhanced your relationship? Etc
3. From a guy's perspective, what should women consider redflags in a guy their planning to settle down with?

Love your blog and hope these questions aren't so overwhelming! Lol

Faith said...

i would love to know what he thinks about marriage! :)

Nylse said...

how did you know you met the one?
how did your christian faith inform your interactions with kemi?
culturally, what makes you different from the other men in your culture? is it easy for you to go against the grain?

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about your wife gaining weight or having stretchmarks after having a baby? Is there pressure to lose the weight?

How do you resolve conflicts?

Anonymous said...

Where there other ladies you felt could also become your potential wife before meeting /choosing Kemi? How did you know Kemi was the one for you?

What are your views on pre-marital sex versus celibacy (by celibacy i mean complete abstinence from all form of sexual activity)in relationships?

What are the top tips you will give single ladies who have reached the marriageable age?

capricorndee said...

Hi Bo & questions are:

1. Jealousy in marriages, from both sexes, is it good or bad? Also can it be dealt with & how, from your perspective?

2. Your wife works, but would you ever want her to stay at home? Does her working affect you in anyway?

Thanks, waiting for your answers!!!!

Cor d'Harmonie said...

mmm I agree with Jasmine's 2nd question lol. I want to know too. Kemi, I'm hoping you can also answer the sex related question. Were you ever overwhelmed by your hubby's desire for sex?

I always thought that guys who were always talking about sex and being very shallow about it were just immature and I sort of labelled them as the bad guys. I've recently come to find out that about 98% of all males think this way, some of them just do a better job at hiding their thoughts. Could you talk about this? Hopefully this isn't too out there for you :)

doll said...

my question for Bo:

Your wife sounds like a hopeless romantic from her posts and someone with a lot of expectations of love and marriage as well! Honestly, are there days you feel overwhelmed and not up -to meeting up with How do you cope with instances where you just want to be left alone and do not feel up to the “us” thing.

Secondly, what advice do you have for some of us women that are like your wife, in the sense that we crave for attention from our better half, in the reality of marriage

Anonymous said...

hi BoKem!

so... i want to know:

1) did bo ever have cornrows or braids or an afro?
2) what's the age difference between you both?

Giagerry said...

hahaha Anon is asking if Bo ever had afro or braids! LoooL. Well I guess almost all areas of questions has been covered, hopefully Bo isnt too overwhelmed by all of them.
Looking forward to reading HIS.

kemi you have been awarded the sunshine award on my blog-->

Kemi said...

Thanks everyone for your questions and comments! I've been pestering Bo to answer them, I think he's a bit overwhelmed that anyone would want to hear anything he has to say about marriage etc. (quite frankly I think he thinks me keeping this blog is a bit nuts lol). Either way, the good news is I think I've finally pushed him to answer. So look out for the next post.

Anonymous said...

I want his hands down, no holds-barred account of his maariage! Almost like a summarized response to your posts.


Ginger said...

No Questions here. In fact I bring a bowl of pounded yam and egusi to fortify his strength as he answers JAMB question.....LOL

Best wishes Bo!

bisola said...

lol at ginger
no questions here either
all i ask is for him to make it sweet nd romantic like u always do....

Bo u hve a standard to uphold d pressure is on lol

Anonymous said...

Bo am a helpless romantic...i want the fairy tale love story not to say that it wont be tough or hard work but is it possible? friends tell me am wasting my time there are no guys like that out it to much to ask for prince charming or should i just come back to reality

Anonymous said...

all of the above

t said...

This is so cute truly. This is so cute truly.

Anonymous said...

Whats taking so long?

Anonymous said...

ha....BoKem...tease-alert!!!Look at you people o! Got my gbeborun juices flowing and then left me hanging! not nice...Waiting patiently sha....


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