Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cry Cry Baby

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Very short post.

I just absolutely cried after reading this blog post from Jessica over at From Marriage to Motherhood. Especially the last line:

To my husband, whom I adore: "My greatest good fortune in a life of brilliant experiences has been to find you and to lead my life with you" - Winston Churchill

I don't know, the tears just started to flow. And not the nice, cute tears, but the big ugly face tears. I'm very hormonal right now (Aunt Flo) but still at the same time I read that and I feel so fortunate to actually be able to nod my head and know what she's talking about. In case I haven't said it nearly enough times, or in case I've somehow made it all trivial, let me say it again. My husband is the best human being I know. Not the best man, but human, that I know. He gives meaning to my life and I truly only bask in his love for me. Whenever I pray about him, I say, "well, God, you know your son...." because indeed Bo is a kind, thoughtful, generous, God-fearing, helpful, honest, hardworking, good man. Not just to me. To everybody.

Some day, years from now by the magnificent grace of God, we will hold hands and I will tell you exactly the words above. Till then, I will keep it in my heart, and every time I lift my face to yours, it will be written all over it. Till then, it will be like an unspoken promise between you and I, it will be our covenant.

Thank you God for this wonderful journey.


Blessing said...

:-) May your journey together get sweeter with each passing day!

Adenike said...

I long for and pray for the man I can feel the same way about :-)

Faith said...

what a beautiful post! i agree, it is a blessing to be able to nod in agreement. may your love for each other only continue to grow as the years go by!

HoneyDame said...

***clearing throat***..get me a bouquet please and a priest, I am ready to get married....ring? it will come later, I will make do with rubber band for now.

U lucky woman! May this song/utterances never be caused to cease from ur mouth/heart as long as u live!

Jaycee said...

Till then, I will keep it in my heart, and every time I lift my face to yours, it will be written all over it.

This is just so beautiful. May your union continue to blossom and be an unstoppable force.

H said...

Awwww...it sounds like the sweetest thing...
People like you make marriage an aspiration.

God Bless!

doll said...

nice. but babe, you give the word "husband lover" a new definition!

Q said...

Inspiring... Good to know its not all as bleak as the stats seem to suggest.

Anoda Phase said...

awwww...how sweet...you almost made me start bawling too...lol.

Amy said...

Love is such a beautiful thing. Those who have found it should cherish it because it truly is a blessing!

Yankeenaijababe said...

lovely post, miss ya girl, a happy weekend to ya

In the midst of her said...

Hmmmm preach! By God's grace I am one of the few who knows what a good man feels like. Even when I fight with hubby, I try not to look too deep in his eyes lest I lose my strength and drown!
Thank God for the good men out there....

Gee said...

Amen, amen and more amen!!!!

Kemi said...

@Blessing, thanks!

@Adenike, it will come, especially when you're not looking and just focused on being open and enjoying your life.

@Faith, hey! I pray the same for you and the hubby.

@HoneyDame, love is like fine wine, no need to rush to open a new bottle ;-)

@Jaycee, Amen, thanks.

@H, thanks, I pray it is always so.

@doll, I don't know the old definition, can you tell me please? lol. Is it like woman wrapper but opposite? If that's the case, I'm loving it!

@Q, thanks. The stats are not YOU. There's always an outlier.

@Anoda Phase, pass the tissue :-)

@Amy, I agree. Hope you're holding up under the hectic work schedule. You inspire me.

@YNC, miss you too on these pages! have a great week ahead.

@In the midst, wow! I don't have that problem. When we disagree, I can very much look him square in the eye. lol.

@Gee, thanks!


doll said...


Anonymous said...

lol @ honeydame's comment

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