Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Bliss

Monday, March 28, 2011

I had such a fantastic weekend. The hubs and I pretty much just lazied about, visited with a few friends, and generally we were relaxed the entire weekend. We're both quite tired during the week and quite busy during the weekend running errands so it was really lovely just doping around.

As I lamented in an earlier post, we haven't had a cleaner for a few months now and even though we tried cleaning the flat ourselves, I have to admit it just wasn't working. A few weeks ago we got a referral for a cleaning lady from a friend and tried her out last week. Not as phenomenal as our previous one but she was really nice and eager, and cleaned adequately well. We usually want the cleaner to come on Sundays however she was unavailable and wanted to come saturday morning at 6am. I was skeptical about this because of the early start to the day when I could be cuddling with my hubby, but trying it out this saturday I think it could just work out. Bo & I woke up at 6am to let her in, then laid in bed for another hour and a half. About 7:30 we got up and decided to watch a movie together on the couch. At about 10am, Bo decides he wants to take a nap and I decide to read, and we did this until about 1pm. A friend of ours who recently got married decided to pay us a visit so that was fun. They left at around 5 pm. Bo & I did a little bible study till about 6pm then went out to look for food. It was just blessed and glorious. Bo has been so emotional lately (I joke around that he also has hormonal issues, :-) ) so all throughout the weekend he would just randomly look at me, shake his head, and say he can't believe he's so lucky to have me as a wife. He did this SEVERAL times this weekend and I just basked in it all. I love it when he gets emotional about me, lol. One thing that I've found is that when he expresses his feelings that way, it just makes me love him more, no matter whether we're in a relationship ebb or flow. Sometimes I feel that we're in our own cocoon, in our own world that we made up and everything makes sense. To others it may seem weird that a couple who's been together for 4 years, now married, will still seat across the table at a restaurant and make googly eyes at each other, still hold hands everywhere, still act goofy around each other, still go EVERYWHERE with each other, but that's our world. We built it how we want to live in it.

This lenten season, Bolaji & I have decided to fast for the entire season. Well, we're doing a 3 days on and 1 day off thing, from 6am to 6pm. At the beginning of the season we decided 3 things we want to be specifically prayerful about and for the entire period we are even more than usual, committed to reading the word, meditating on it, and praying to God. The first Sunday of Lent, the church service talked about lenten season being one of transfiguration. I truly claim this. It's been very challenging and we've both never fasted this consistently or for this long ever so we're also learning a lot about our bodies, etc. However, I can't emphasize enough how much we're are learning about faith, and spiritual growth during this process. It's really drawn us together and we have a sincerity of purpose. Lastly, almost like magic, they things we've been praying for and about have just been coming true, unraveling one by one. This is amazing. I'm so grateful and glad that we are experiencing this together. Bolaji has even said he wants us to start fasting regularly in our lives. This process has been that good to us.

Baby Watch: While driving back from a friend's house yesterday I say to Bo, "so, I think my baby fever is definitely here..." and then I trail off. He says nothing. I asked him if he had any thoughts to what I said. He says "I always knew you would get here before me, anyway, I'm still fine with our timeline if that's what you're asking". So funny! We have a mini competition going on amongst ourselves as to who's going to break first, that is, who's going to absolutely must have a baby now, before the other. He thinks he has won, but he's got another thing coming!

Anniversary Countdown: Our first year anniversary is coming up (very) soon and I've been trying to organize my gift for Bo. The first year anniversary is supposed to be a "paper" anniversary and I've got a few ideas, but please kindly share any ideas you may have.


doll said...

aw bless. i i like reading your blog. reminds me that there is something in marriage to look forward to amidst all the negativity everywhere

H said...

awww....God bless u guys muchos...

HoneyDame said...

I love you both love you both love you both!!!!!!
Is that you and Bo in the first picture?:D Cos if it is I am ready to move into your house to be a permanent cleaner. Pay me by allowing me take pictures in your house and with you guys...:D

An "infrequent" mushy guy is a hugeeee turn on. Cos to me, being emotional outta the blues correlates positively with how the person really feels (I know that isnt always the case, but allow me to be delusional).

Aww. This year, YY and I decided to start fasting together every month. We had no success until this month and it was very nice. Because of the time difference, we ran into a bit of a challenge. We solved it by praying together before he set out in the morning and also before I set out in the morning. He wants us to make it a regular but my fingers are crossed as to how long he will last..:)(guy loooovess food).

M really glad things are working out well for you guys...:)And i cant help speculating how soon Mini Kemi and/or Mini Bo will be conceived...:d (I know, I am a bad shild)

Paper anniversary? what does that mean?

@ilola said...

Good to know you are enjoying you marriage and you are growing together spiritually. Single gals like us need such stories of encouragement, so we could look forward to having what you have

Just...Toluwa said...

What do u mean by paper anniversary?

Y'all are too cute. Hmmmmm....on the baby watch!

Kemi said...

@doll, thanks. there is and I'm glad to be experiencing it.

@H, thanks

@HoneyDame, i wish it was, that living room looks right. i understand your skepticism with the fasting, i was the same but I try and encourage him. Speculate away, we'll see! Paper anniversary means you give some paper type related product. Some give a picture in a frame, or a scrapbook, things like that.

@ilola, thanks.

@just toluwa, See above. Paper anniversary is the first year anniversary where you give paper gifts. The fiftieth I think is the diamond anniversary where you give diamond gifts. Hmmmm, indeed on the baby watch ;-)

Blessing said...

You two are absolutely adorable! Happy Anniversary in advance...I have no idea o...a scrapbook sounds nice, maybe you can add a twist to it?

Hmmm @ Baby fever!!!

I love the praying and fasting together idea, you go guys!!! God Bless!!!

Tori said...

A friend of mine did a boudoir photoshoot and had an album made for her husband...I'm told it was a big hit. :)

Kemi said...

@thanks Blessing. I don't think I have time to scrapbook, I also don't think we have enough pictures. I'm not really into that kind of thing.

@Tori, I actually casually asked Bo about this and he made a face that made it seem like he's not so into it. Now I could still somehow do it and he love it, but I don't think I want to take the chance of him thinking I'm a weirdo. lol.

Anonymous said...

a family that prays together stays together. its good you guys are not blinded by all the love and loving each other's company and you are remmebering to includ eGod who brought you this far in the first place :)

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