Saturday, June 13, 2009

Picture Show

Saturday, June 13, 2009
So I finally got off my butt and went out of my hotel room today. It was a nice beautiful day and I'm just so grateful to have this day off. It's quite serene and peaceful. I decided I was gonna do some running, just put on my joggers, grabbed my water bottle and ran. So I took some pics like I promised in my last post.

Here's the pic of the park adjacent to the hotel. The pictures aren't too clear cuz I was taking them with my mobile phone, but I still wanted to share of my beautiful day.

And this is the church that's on the other side of the park. I love this church because it's so small and cute and the doors are always open. The sun is messing up the pic though.

still on my way, I love these buildings cuz they seem so European.

Such a nice coastal town. After running for a little bit, I decided to just walk the rest of the way to the seaside. I saw two lovebirds by the edge of the water embracing and the guy kissed the girl's forehead. It made me miss my babe. Awww...

Now look how clear the water is! It's so beautiful, doesn't it make you want to go for a nice cool dip?

and then I saw these on my way back.

Ahh. So that's it! I promised and I delivered! I can't show too many pictures though so I don't reveal myself. Bolaji keeps threatening to go and look for or search for this blog. I told him about it, that I was starting it and I was going to write about our relationship, but I also made him vow not to ever go looking for it or to read it. lol. Today he was trying to use style for me and ask me leading questions but I refused to even answer any of them. I just want to be really honest on this blog and if he reads it I would feel so guarded. So sorry to my babe. :-)

Speaking of my babe (of course) I looove this song and everytime I hear it brings tears to my eyes. This is probably my favorite Beyonce song to date. I used to really like Dangerously In Love but this beats that for me. I just think of Bolaji and how special he makes me feel and how also he's my "saving grace". I'm sure Beyonce wrote this with JayZ in mind. Speaking of Beyonce & JayZ that's another couple I admire so maybe I'll do a post on them soon. But back to the matter at hand, If I'm getting married within the next two years, I think I'd like this song to be my first dance with my husband. It's so beautiful. As I was walking back today, I was just singing out loud. People must have thought I was crazy :-)!

Love Life. Love God. Love Your Neighbour.


yankeenaijababe said...

Aww such lovely pictures and shot, maybe he would find it Hope your weekend is going great.

Anonymous said...

awwwwhhhh!!! that's all I can say...

Kemi said...

@YNC, i hope he doesn't, or maybe he does a long time from now when everything seems irrelevant, lol.

@justdoyin, aww at the pictures or at my gushing like a teenager? :-)

Anonymous said...

ditto @ halo

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