Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Tuesday, June 2, 2009
So I'm a light sleeper and I also don't turn my phones off when I sleep (in case of emergency). Very early this morning around 4am, I hear a beep on my phone. I'm soooo tired and didn't want to even roll over to go pick it up but i figured it might be an emergency. So through very heavy sleep ladened eyes, I read this:

Hey Babes, just got up in the middle of night and thought of you. More like I was yearning to be in your arms. I'm sure you're sound asleep but just know that you are very much loved

How lucky of me! I couldn't even write anything back, just sent a smiley and rolled back into deep sleep. I told Bolaji I was starting a blog and I told him that it was going to be about us and asked if he was alright with it. He just told me that he doesn't really have any say in it, that it's my thing but if I was asking his blessing then go ahead. And just as I was thinking oh, cool, he says "well is there something there that would upset me?" lol. I don't think there'll be anything to upset him, but I just told him I plan to chronicle our relationship, the good AND the bad so while there's nothing yet, there might be someday, who knows. I just made him promise never to search for it and never to read it lol as per dude is quite active on the blogroll and reads a number of them. I don't know if he'll ever come across this one. I hope he doesn't. I may have some 'splaining to do, lol.

Today's not such a bad day. Work occupied my mind, it's such a busy period right now. Even though I'm in a foreign land and we don't speak the same language, I've tried meeting new people and being friendly. Everyone here's so friendly! I have a funny friendship with the housekeeping staff at the hotel and one of them today was telling me her husband was leaving her for a younger woman. She says "men are bad" (rough translation lol!). I didn't know what to say to her. Not all men are bad.


downtheaisle said...

lol@"men are bad" good talk not all men are bad....i guess different strokes for different folks.

Follow up to the comment on ur last post, I meant, your hubby is my namesake...(do u understand now..lol)

I am also preparing for a training/work trip in about 2weeks to a foreign land too. I am sure i'ld be in same shoes as u...he!he!!he!!!
takia of u!

Anonymous said...

lol not all men are bad...

its a shame she had to go through that..

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