Friday, June 12, 2009

Woohoo! Weekend!

Friday, June 12, 2009
ok, so first things first. After the last post, I went to bed feeling really down about it all. I sent a text to my babe before going to bed and just left everything to God. But feeling really bad you know. The next day Bolaji was also travelling for work and had to catch the first flight. I woke up a bit angry and depressed but just wanted to work through all the emotions. It just came to me that this was my man. He needs me as much as I need him. I want to be there for him and support him and be his best friend. I always remind myself of the commitment I made to myself regarding this relationship and really all of my relationships. Which is never to walk away, never to turn the other side on my partner, not in anger, not in anything. I sit in and we work it out. Even if one of us doesn't feel like talking, then we just come together and agree to go over it later. So I thought to myself, it's times like this that your bond is really proven and built.

So I texted my babe and he called me back sometime later. We talked about how he was feeling and how I was feeling and how we felt about each other. I really feel he heard where I was coming from and we just arrived at a compromise. I always close out my mails with Bolaji with "I love my baby" and I really do!

So moving on....whew it's FRIDAY!!! Unfortunately I don't know anyone in this here city so I'm just sitting watching THS Renee Zellweger. LOL. Maybe I'll take a walk in the park and smell the roses, I'll try and take a pic and post for you guys.

Oooh, also, I was talking to Bolaji and he was talking about visiting his financial planner and taking stock of his finances, that maybe he'll come and meet me somewhere. So as my friends are now tired of, i'm starting another ring/proposal watch! Don't get too excited though, cuz I've had a few false alarms. Ha. Leave me o, I'm just enjoying this time in my life jare. :-)


downtheaisle said...

nice to know u have settled,
and on d ring/proposal, I won't get too excited ok, jst dat I am wondering at the statement "that maybe he'll come and meet me somewhere" hmmmh... something is up somewhere ooo, just get ready.


Kemi said...

i know ooo. but it's kinda hard managing the balance of excited and not too excited. i'm really just trying to take my mind off it and deal with it at the same time! hope u're good.

NewLife said...

"I love my baby" and I really do!"

May the good Lord always feel your beautiful heart with these good feelings for him and him for you.

Anonymous said...

hehehehe... *sigh* the feeling of know you will get engaged soon but not quite knowing when... looking forward to that if i may call it, confusion.. lol i promise to enjoy it!

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