Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I guess everyone can guess what i'm about to say....I'm engaged!!!! I have my lovely lovely diamond ring and I'm so unbelievably happy. Ok, should I give you the gist? Wait for it, wait for it... :-) ok, i'm just joking now, here it is:

So my babe calls me up friday night and says, "how do you feel about coming down to London?" I really hate to fly so I'm very reluctant about this idea. Besides, I thought he was gonna come down. He tells me that he tried to buy a ticket to where I am, but last minute found out that he needs a visa which he doesn't have so if we're to see each other, I'm gonna have to come down. I reluctantly agreed and he booked the ticket for first thing Saturday morning. Now knowing how i've been counting down and with all my false starts and everything driving me crazy, I just decided not to dwell very much on the ring and proposal, but just think of being with my baby! We've been apart for soo long now :-) and I missed him. Bolaji comes to meet me at the airport and I was so happy to see my boo! Really, he was clean shaven and I thought he looked so nice :-) Driving along, we come across this waterside with a long walkway (I really don't know where this is as I'm not a London native!), Bolaji stops the car and says he wants walk along the water cuz he has never been to that side of town before. Funny enough, with all my ring watch, I didn't even think anything of it. My fiance (hehehe) loves nature and hiking, and camping, and long walks and that sort so it wasn't really out of character for him. Plus, we had done just that many times before, driving then seeing a nice body of water and just stopping and walking along the water.

The only difference this time is I just got off the plane! I was a little bit tired and just soo not in the mood. lol. I kept on asking, why? Even half way I turned back and was like, i don't want to go anymore! He sha kept on urging me and then when we got to the end of the walkway he started saying all these things about how he wanted to take that long walk with me to symbolize how he wanted to share my journey of life with me, the ups and downs and everythng, and then he got down. At this point I couldn't say anything else, I was trying to get him to stand up, lol, like "what are you doing? get up, get up", lol. He was beautiful and it was beautiful. I love my babe/my boo/my boyfie/my fiance sooo much :-) being with him makes life fuller and easier and better. I did well ladies! I'm marrying a FABULOUS gentleman. I thank the Holy Father, God, I thank you soo much for leading me to this point, for leading me to this man. I exhalt your name because you are faithful and you have been faithful to me throughout my life. "To'o wo, ko de ri pe rere l'Oluwa"

I'm so happy. It's funny, my experience was that initially, I think I was in shock. So for much of the day, I just went about my business as usual, doing the mundane things. As in really mundane things o and several times during the day, I would just stop and I kept on saying, I can't believe it, I can't believe it. And now as I'm getting used to it all, I'm just so unbelievably happy. It's been getting better as the hours roll by. God is to be praised guys.

Here's a similar ring to mine, though not quite the same and I'm definitely not white :-) Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

awww!thats so romantic

yankeenaijababe said...

Aww you must be on cloud 9 at this point, that's the feeling late to this post can't believe you didn't stop by my blog to let me know, yeah!!! I am so happy for you, I knew it was coming somewhere along the line, am happy you calmed down that nutty mind of yours. you know I got nothing but love for you. Congrats sister!!!

The proposal was romantic too and feels like one in the movie. That's so cute and mushy. I hope you both stay in London and not Naija since you want a certain style of life. Keep me posted .

downtheaisle said...

ok ok, I have nt read the post but I can tell what it is ...Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!1

I'm happy for u.
Now I want to go back and read all d gist.

downtheaisle said...

***clear my throat*** just finished taking in all d gist, romantic...just the way u want it...a ring...a proposal.

Now we can start thinking weddings right?

Sting said...

Congrats on ur engagement.

Kemi said...

awww, thanks @ all the comments. i didn't think it was romantic lol, but now i do! :-)

@YNC, on this last trip Bolaji kept on repeating that he missed London and the London life so my fingers are crossed. I definitely urge him on that idea lol

@dta, we can oooo, but first we have to convince the parents of a location wedding which we both want. prayers galore! cuz you know naija parents...

@pink satin & sting, thanks so much :-)

Anonymous said...

yaaaaay! this is sweet indeed...congrats on ur engagement...colours please! lol...

Kemi said...

thanks justdoyin! hmmm, i haven't really thought of colours yet. I like green so maybe something with loads of nice fresh green. what do you think? do you have any suggestions?

rayo said...

awww. congratulations!

Anonymous said...

o lalalalalalalalal!!!!!! I guess my wait is over.. I was just saying in your last blog how I couldn't wait to read about this! This is fab.. belated congratulations.. lol

plus he is very romantic! *cheers* to happy years for the rest of your lives together!

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